Saturday, April 12, 2008

7/14/06 food log notes

July 14, 2006 food log notes

Woke up again today with no pain in the joints. It is a truly weird feeling. I'm so used to moving a certain way to avoid the pain, and I'm still habitually moving that way, yet the pain is missing from the equation. It is truly wonderful. My daughter hopped on my hip this morning, and I only got a little twinge of pain, instead of the normal excruciating tenderness.

Pain in hips was back again after car ride to and from doctor's office. Could have been the applesauce? (EDIT as I compile these for new blog: it was commercial store-bought supposedly 100% applesauce. Now I know that labels don't always tell the whole story, even with organic companies and the like.)

Very tired and heachachy after doctor's appt. Maybe I've not had enough carbs today? Avocadoes aren't ripe yet so no good carb sources around.

Fatigue crashed pretty hard before dinner. Felt somewhat better after eating, but still kinda sleepy and mild headache. Irritable mood went away mostly after eating. Joint pain was back again after dinner. Vinegar?

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