Saturday, April 12, 2008

July 2006 photo journal

July 2006
Weight: 170.
Jean size: 16.

Schwarzbein for 4 months.
100% Gluten free and grain free for 1 month (SCD)
Dairy free for 1 week.

I'm currently experimenting with whether I'm sensitive to lactose or not. Right now any dairy gives me a flare up of symptoms, but I'm hopeful that given some healing time, I'll be able to consume low lactose dairy, such as cheese and 24 hour fermented yogurt.

My depression is for the most part gone, energy levels are attempting to level out. Joints feel the best they have in long time. Most of my limp when walking is gone, although sometimes the joints still kinda "stick" and I have to work them out. I can induce a flare-up of fatigue, depression, and joint pain by consuming gluten, dairy, or any grain (like corn etc).

originally posted July 10, 2006

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