Saturday, April 12, 2008

7/29/06 food log notes

July 29, 2006 food log notes

Headache started to come back around 11pm last night, but then went away mostly. Hip pain slightly abated this morning. Things moving okay. Motivation and mood seem decent. Laptop crashed, so not sure how often I'll update the food log today. :-(

2:00 Went to the market after breakfast. Just got back. I am so tired. Not irritable too bad, but just falling asleep tired. I'm exhausted. Hip pain minimal to moderate, still not as good as it was, or as bad as it once was.

10:00 Really tired afternoon. Ended up falling asleep on the couch again. Almost fatigue crashy before dinner. Perked up some after dinner, but quickly went back down. Felt somewhat better after evening snack, enough to drive home thankfully, and now I'm feeling tired again. Good thing it is bed time. :-) I feel like maybe the damage done by my consumption of dairy and eggs at the birthday party is starting to wear off. I hope anyway....

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