Sunday, April 13, 2008

8/10/06 food log notes

EDIT as I compile these for the new blog: How silly of me to be using an "illegal" tea. I just can't stress enough-- the SCD is based on science; the foods and drinks that are listed as illegal are that way for a reason. Literally everything you put into your mouth must be checked to make sure that it is legal on this diet. That ensures that you aren't derailing your progress.

August 10, 2006 food log notes

moderate joint pain upon waking. seem to be having more "stiff" joints yesterday than I have been. green poop continues, more die off?

12:00 tired day again. fatigue sucks. could be a relapse from the stress of fighting off the cold or possibly due to recent stress and emotions from the accident Thom was in.

3:00 very tired and downright fatigue crashy today. Just have no energy whatsoever. Hope I get past this hurdle soon... Maybe it is the new caffeine free herbal tea I've been using?

5:00 crap. just discovered that herbal teas using bark etc are load with polysaccharides and are SCD illegal. crap crap crap. Could this be why the heavy fatigue has come back the past two days? uggghhhh

8:00 very tired, dizzy, headachey, fatigue crappy day. squash feels heavy in the belly, as usual, but I've gotta have carbs and can't give another one up. Doesn't seem to trigger joint pain or fatigue, that I've correlated anyway.

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