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4/20/06 update on health

EDIT as I compile these for the new blog: Another Live Journal update on my journey to health.

April 20, 2006 update on health

Well, I went for my second appt the other day and discovered that I've actually lost over 5 lbs so far!!!! That may not be much, but for me I take it as a sign that Schwarzbein is working. I wrote out an account of all the changes that I'm making (following the Schwarzbein plan) for my doc to read and he was very impressed with it. He agreed with everything that I'm doing and was happy with my progress so far. We are doing some additional bloodwork to rule some things out but he thinks I'm on the path to healing. He commented on what a pleasure it was going to be working with such a self-motivated patient. I'm just happy to have found a doc that actually listens (most of the appt. takes place in his office versus an exam room) and he schedules appt times in 30 min, not 15 min, blocks (new patients he even schedules 1 hr blocks for). He isn't perfect (I don't think that exists) but overall we agree on enough things and he is pretty open minded, so I think he'll work out okay.

I think I am on the road to healing, but damn it is hard somedays. Often I get hit with these waves of fatigue (totally different from the overall tiredness and apathy for life that I experienced before). I can feel it coming on and before I know it, I'm crashing hard. Withdrawal is hard, LOL. But still I feel more balanced overall- emotionally and energy wise, I can tell this is working. But Schwarzbein wasn't kidding about experiencing fatigue while you heal, LOL. My body is doing some serious hard work here. I just can't wait for it to be finished.

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