Saturday, April 12, 2008

8/1/06 food log notes

EDIT as I compile these for the new blog: Yep, already realizing that veering from SCD was a mistake! :-)

August 1, 2006 food log notes

slightly higher than moderate joint pain upon waking.
weight jumped up another pound today. :-(

6:00 Wow busy day. worked on rotation plan for food all morning, then grocery store, then cleaning the kitchen. been going going all day long. pretty good day until about 4pm when washing dishes just got zapped suddenly by fatigue. might not have had enough carbs for the afternoon snack. spent way too much money on groceries. eating a produce dominated diet is expensive.

7:00 energy surprisingly started to come back BEFORE eating dinner, meaning my body must have been actually working to correct levels. amazing. I feel pretty good.

7:44 after dinner, stomach feels a bit full, but not too bad. still a little bloated from the boniato the other day, hopefully going back on strict SCD foods will take care of that. hip joint has been flared since about 4:00 today, before afternoon snack, but I'm not sure what caused it. Will have to look back at the journal and see what is up, because it has been a rather significant annoyance today.

8:00 looking back over the food journal, could have been the unproperly prepared (and therefore Non-SCD) lima beans yesterday that might have flared the joints further. not sure. Something I ate this week caused me to gain weight overall for the week, and I'm thinking it may be temporarily going off the SCD. I noticed that my gut seemed to be sticking out further than it has as well, which I thought might be period related, but now that the period is over, the extra bloat is still there. probably the non SCD foods that I ate causing inflammation, bloating, water retention, etc. :-( Hopefully going back to SCD will set things straight. and hopefully the new carb choices that I've picked out will be well tolerated by my stupid body. I'm running out of food choices and we all know that I can't go back to beef and carrots, no matter how well I felt eating them initially, it just got overdone and now that doesn't work anymore either. geez, I'm rambling, time to end this.....

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