Sunday, April 13, 2008

8/9/06 food log notes

August 9, 2006 food log notes

mod-min joint pain upon waking. slight green continues, not sure if it another die off or what.

2:30 decent day. sort of irritable. getting stuff done though like cleaning up the house, washing dishes, etc.

6:20 Very tired day. motivation peetered out. so tired. maybe I didn't get enough carbs today. sources have been kinda sparse today. test of beef was inconclusive. got a little fatigue crashy, but I was already tired and feeling more stiffness in joints, so who knows. we'll see what test 2 does.

10:00 so tired today. almost fatigue crashy, not sure what caused it. maybe fighting off the cold. I've kept it from taking hold, but I've been so sleepy.

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