Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jan 2006 photo journal

January 2006
Weight: over 190.
Jean size 18-20.

Knowing at this point that there was something majorly wrong with my health, I started to read everything I could get my hands on concerning hypothyroidism and I scheduled a doctor's appt. It is interesting that with all my myriad of health complaints, the one that really bothered me the most was the weight gain. I lived with the fatigue, the pains, the depression, the heavy painful periods, etc etc but it was the weight gain that finally convinced me there was something seriously wrong with my health and motivated me to actually do something about it. I guess it was because I could no longer hide (from myself or from others) just how unhealthy I was. It was written all over my face and body at this point.

(That is one of my best friends, Tammy, in the pic with me)

Originally posted July 10, 2006

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