Saturday, April 12, 2008

7/18/06 food log notes

July 18, 2006 food log notes

Minimal hip pain upon waking. Mood and motivation seem good. We'll see what the day holds....

Tried a banana with breakfast and it gave me that same super sweet sick feeling. Maybe it is just too much sugar too fast? I seemed okay when I only ate 1/4 of a bananna last night as part of my snack. Well, hopefully it won't end up making me tired and cranky all day....

9:00 Banana seemed to be received fairly well. No ill symptoms yet.

10:30 Morning snack was yummy! Eggs are the new food today and we made banana pancakes. Very good. Energy, mood, and motivation fairly good today still. Hip pain faintly present.

11:00 Crap. Severe foot join pain and moderate hip joint pain now. I so wanted to be able to eat eggs! Guess I'll eliminate them again until Sunday, when we will be having all kinds of egg-based desserts for Rhowan's birthday party.

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