Saturday, April 12, 2008

7/26/06 food log notes

July 26, 2006 food log notes

Moderate hip pain upon waking. :-(

8:00 So tired and just plain weak today. Hip pain remains moderate and is almost affecting walk again. I'm beginning to suspect that all the problem foods I knowingly ate on Sunday are affecting me.

12:30 Tiredness continued until lunch. Heavy muscle fatigue. Doing dishes it felt like every dish weighed over 10 lbs. It was exhausting. Now that I've eaten lunch, I feel somewhat better.

2:45 Continued feeling a bit tired, mood fairly depressed. Joint pain turning into somewhere in between minimal and moderate.

5:00 Totally horrible day. It is like the old depressed, paranoid, defensive, crazy me is back. Things were going so well. I don't know if I just overdid problem foods on Sunday or if something else is going on. Tomorrow, I'm starting a new elimination diet where I eat only foods I've never eaten before or have never eaten often, to help pinpoint which foods cause reactions once I start adding them to the diet. crossing fingers.....

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