Sunday, April 13, 2008

8/8/06 food log notes

August 8, 2006 food log notes

no joint pain upon waking. oh so tired though, but that could be the cold. nose is congested and eyes have pressure, but sore throat has gone away.

9:30 Turning into a decent day, although I'm very tired. Irritation in nose is a minor annoyance, so far this cold hasn't taken too strong of a hold yet. I'm feeling motivated and in a good mood today. We'll see what the day holds....

3:00 turned into a very tired and irritable day. motivation fair.

6:00 things feeling a little better now. still tired but not so crabby. feel kind of dizzy, but not too crashy, hungry for dinner....

11:00 day got better towards evening. While grocery store shopping I was in an excellent mood, until checkout that is. Eating this way for 5 people is just so damn expensive, and I don't even buy organic most of the time. :-(

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