Tuesday, April 15, 2008

8/21/06 food log notes

August 21, 2006 fitday.com food log notes

a quick twinge of joint pain upon waking. very green poop. and still very itchy.

3:00 very behind on meals today. got busy doing w's school paperwork and didn't start lunch on time. never a good day when that happens. so far I'm feeling just a bit dizzy and fatigued, even though I just finally ate lunch. Must force myself to stick to my regular meal times.

5:20 turned into a decent day, but did get a little grouchy with the kids while I was doing dishes. things leveled out a bit after that and now I'm feeling more normal. got the house picked up, did some organizing. now I need to move closets....

8:20 wow I'm sleepy. not too crabby now, just really sleepy. I could fall alseep right here. not doing closets tonight. we'll tackle those tomorrow.

11:20 hip and foot flared. wonder what caused that? hmm, I did have a lot of butter with dinner. maybe I should stick to smaller amounts.

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