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8/9/06 Cost of healthy eating

EDIT as I compile these for the new blog: A live journal post of mine where I'm complaining about the cost of eating healthy. Nothing has really changed since that time; with all of us fully on this diet now, we still spend more on food than anything else in our budget. We are pushing $375 a week now! But we have expanded our home garden every year and that helps during the growing season. Our house never did sell, so we are renting it out. We just couldn't afford the mortgage on our modest 4 bedroom cape cod anymore and continue this diet at the same time. We live in a tiny 2 bedroom, 110 year old brick cottage now. It has charm and character though and a slightly better yard for a garden, so everything works out in the end. :-)

August 9, 2006 Cost of healthy eating

Last night I spent $350 at the grocery store. That was for ONE WEEK of groceries. Granted I'm feeding 5 people, but it really depressed me. Why is eating healthy so damn expensive? Do people realize that they are filling their bellies with cheap crap? How can poor folk eat healthy? I've been around the $300 a week mark for the past several weeks now as I add more and more produce to our diet (and I don't even buy organic produce anymore). It is helping my health issues, so I guess I should look at it like medical bills.

Well, I was curious how crazy the amount of money I spend on food is, so I did a poll on the eatingnaturally community. Turns out the average amount per person per week is $50-75. That is for a produce dominated diet with meat/seafood for protein. So for my family of 5, that equates to $250-375 a week. Guess my grocery bills aren't that outlandish afterall. Well, back to the budget drawing board I go. Hope the house sells fast so that we can afford to continue eating this way. I'm hoping I can at least keep it at $250-300. Gonna need a bigger garden..... I'm glad I don't have more kids, how the hell would someone with 4 or 5 kids eat like this?

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