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8/4/06 food log notes

August 4, 2006 food log notes

moderate joint pain upon waking. mood good. no need for my morning tea. I think I'm finally completely free of needing it. I can feel more and more my body doing things on its own, balancing things, etc. for example, sometimes I'll start feeling tired or crappy, but before eating my body starts to correct this and I realize that the fatigue is gone, things have balanced out. My body is compensating for things and working things out faster and faster. Hopefully this may mean my symptoms of hypoglycemia will become a thing of the past.

12:00 Felt a little sick to my stomach during breakfast eating the coconut. I suspect I can't eat too much of that at one sitting due to the high fat content. Good healhty fats, but too much of any fat can make you sick to your stomach. I had the same problem with avocado. One was fine, but two at one sitting was just too much fat. Mood continues to be excellent today. Joint pains have subsided to a faint minimal. Motivation to clean the kitchen, shower, get the day going all excellent. I think after another day of this good stuff, I can begin reintroducing foods and see how it goes. Let the testing begin. :-)

3:00 good day continues although I'm really feeling sleepy now after lunch. not irritable though, just sleepy. gonna take a nap.

8:00 Got really sleepy before dinner, but then started to feel a little better even before eating. After dinner felt much better, although had just a twinge of fatigue pain behind the eyes.

9:30 Fatigue did not set in. :-) Turned into a nice evening. Not blissful, but calm and controlled and content.

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