Saturday, April 12, 2008

8/6/06 food log notes

August 6, 2006 food log notes

No joint pain upon waking. Very tired after a very late night, and I'm coming down with a cold. Had some green d this morning and stomach cramps, weird. Wonder what that was all about?

2:00 Good day, kinda went off on R for pestering his sister, but quickly recovered my mood and patience. joint pain minimal to non-existent. Peas felt a little heavy in belly after lunch, but that seems to be passing quickly. Considering the cold and the lack of sleep, and the mealtimes being off today due to getting up late and getting breakfast started late, it has been a decent day. Got the kitchen cleaned up and swept and picked up the living room some. Gonna try and take it easy for rest of day and continue fighting off this cold.

10:30 very tired. mood okay. motivation sorta lacking, it has been a long day. time for bed...

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