Tuesday, April 15, 2008

8/28/06 food log notes

August 28, 2006 fitday.com food log notes

slept late, tired, min joint pain upon waking. mood, motivation, patience, etc all good though. started breakfast right away.

12:20 gloriously wonderful day. after breakfast I put in some laundry, got stuff put away upstairs, working on going through all the goodwill, winter, etc stuff. good good day so far.

3:10 absolutely wonderful day! and it is raining, LOL. I've gotten a lot of laundry work done. been on top of the meals, basically looking for what I can do next. just really motivated and happy today. patience and control with kids has been absolutely excellent. I'm feeling a little tired now, but snack time is here. :-)

5:00 Well the snack did not curb the onset of sleepiness. My mood is still excellent and I'm still motivated and getting stuff done with the laundry and around the house. Just feel sleepy. I suspect this could easily turn fatigue bitchy, we'll see what happens. Gonna rest for a while, maybe even nap a little before dinner. Also, the humidity has returned, maybe that correlates with my onset of sleepiness? hmmmm. I do always seem to feel better on less muggy days, even if it is raining.

9:00 ended up taking a little 15 minute shut eye. then cooked dinner and rebounded and worked through the tiredness. things much better after dinner. got a butt load more work done in the laundry room. I'm rocking and rolling today!

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