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8/2/06 food log notes

August 2, 2006 food log notes

moderate to minimal joint pain upon waking. very tired after going to be after 2 and getting up at 6. :-(

Went back to bed until 9:30 yeah! Felt a little better, although still tired. Fixed breakfast and felt pretty good. Mood, motivation, patience, energy all good. Power went out and just came back on around 12;30. So I'm way behind on lunch today, although not crashing too hard, just a little dizzy. Rutabaga should be done soon, it is almost 1:20. Man I'm hungry....

2:20 initially felt good after lunch, but feeling a bit irritable now but it is controllable. I think I'm tired from my crappy sleep last night. Lunch seemed to sit okay, a little fullness in the belly, but not too bad. Got the kitchen cleaned up some, took out the trash, picked up the living room a bit. Need to work in the basement later after A leaves. Belly still seems bloated. Wish it would flatten back down.

Doing my nutrition reports, I'm consistently low in a few vitamins, considering using a supplement for those until my food choices are a little wider (and therefore more nutritious).

3:00 Just finished going through 4-6 boxes in the basement. Yeah me! Feeling really sleepy now, but not too irritable, at a controllable level.

4:00 symptoms may be off for a while due to stress. T was in an accident at work today. He is okay, but someone got hurt and he is really upset.

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