Saturday, April 12, 2008

7/28/06 food log notes

July 28, 2006 food log notes

Joint pain moderate upon waking. Headache gone. Still sleepy and feeling unmotivated to cook breakfast.

9:00 headache threatening to come back. Joints working themselves out and returning to minimal, although a bit flared still. Cramps from period are horrible today. At this point I'm wondering what I did to get complete relief from my joint pains and period cramps and what I did to make them all return. Mood is decent today, motivation is slowly building. Thinking of cleaning the kitchen and the living room today and getting the laundry done. I'm really tired of worrying about what I'm eating and keeping track of it all, yet I really want to get back in the "remission" feeling. I feel like something I'm doing has brought my symptoms back. But I can't get enough varied carbs on the SCD intro foods alone and it was depleting me nutritionally to stay on it for so long. ::sigh:: I'm just not sure of what I should do. Right now I'm still trying the rare foods diet and focusing on getting my nutritional content where it should be. But I'm worried about the return of my symptoms and that I could sink back down into full blown symptoms.

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