Tuesday, April 15, 2008

9/11/06 food log notes

September 11, 2006 fitday.com food log notes

min to mod foot pain upon waking. feeling sluggish, but okay.

12:20 another sleepy, unmotived, lazy, crappy day. i think this makes 4 in a row.

2:00 feeling just a tad better, which isn't saying much. I think I did too much last week with all my newfound energy. I think I burnt back out. I need to remember schwarzbein's advice to take things slow for at least a year, even once energy starts returning. I just did too much, way too much, way too fast. small steps sparky....

2:40 foot pain has remained flared throughout the day, maybe because I've been very inactive today.

3:30 feeling even a tad bit better, but still not great. I was supposed to try rice again tonight, but I think I'm going to postpone that trial.

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