Saturday, April 12, 2008

7/27/06 food log notes

July 27, 2006 food log notes

moderate joint pain upon waking. headache.

4:00 oKAY day today. Started our really crabby, but things got somewhat better as day went along. Tired and sleepy, but not too much hints of fatigue. Mood decent, and at times even good. Today was day one of the "rare food" elimination diet to attempt to rule out any latent food sensitivities and make it easier for me to retest and identify what foods are in fact problematic currently. This method seems much better than the SCD, there are so many more foods I can eat while on the elimination part that I won't be overdoing the same foods. (like the damn carrot fiasco). EDIT as I compile these for the new blog: I should point out that the "rare foods" that I was using were still SCD legal. I hadn't abandoned the diet just yet but was just looking for foods that I could eat that wouldn't give me a reaction. I was struggling to find anything off the intro diet that didn't give me flares.

10:00 Today okay, hip pain back to minimal although flared at times. REally bad headache today so it is hard to try and keep track of food related symptoms. Hopefully headache will go away tomorrow and things will be back on track.....

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