Saturday, April 12, 2008

7/15/06 food log notes

July 15, 2006 food log journal notes

Morning joint pain back as normal. :-( Maybe I ate too many new things yesterday? Shrimp? vinegar? applesauce?

After lunch, somewhat tired but mood and motivation decent. Hip pain very annoyingly still present.

Mood improving as day went on. Dropped the kids off and went thrifting for jeans and then to Kroger for produce. Motivation and energy fairly good. Hip still hurting though.

Started to crash just a little before dinner. Okay after dinner but felt a little sleepy still. Food kind of heavy in stomach. Green beens were new today. Mood still decent. Motivation still decent.

Hip pain started to subside somewhat after about 11pm. Still there but less strong. Mood really good after evening snack, almost elated. Lots of energy and feeling a bit randy. Then got hit with the sleepies again though. Mood still good but tired.

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