Tuesday, April 15, 2008

8/24/06 food log notes

August 24, 2006 fitday.com food log notes

No joint pain upon waking. Feeling tired again today. Motivation decent though, cooked breakfast first thing. Testing eggs today. Crossing my fingers that I can add those back into my diet in moderation. forgot to take fish oil yesterday, so took it today. period cramps have remained much better than last month. Hope this trend continues. Not being able to stand on the first couple of days of one's period is completely ridiculous.

2:00 Just finished lunch. still sleepy today. got a lot of work done though. picked up the house. cleaned kitchen to include taking out the trash and sweeping. prepped all the food stuff etc. mood and motivation good, but just feel sleepy. egg test went okay. did get a slight flair of joint pain (and possibly an increase in fatigue, but that is hard to tell for sure since I was already sleepy). I think eggs in extreme moderation will be okay.

4:46 wow, feeling like myself today. mood and motivation excellent. still a little sleepy, but okay. very good day so far. no extreme crabbiness or out of controlness.

10:10 things quickly got tired again after that wow feeling. not a bad day, but just sleepy again. I'm tired of being tired. ugghhh

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