Saturday, April 12, 2008

7/21/06 food log notes

July 21, 2006 food log notes

Feeling good again today, though has some slight flares yesterday because of all the new foods I tried while baking for R's birthday party. Cooked tomatoes seemed to be well received though, so yeah another carb source that isn't carrots!

Moderate joint pain upon waking.

3:00 Awesome day! More feelings of pure bliss where I just couldn't help but smile. The kind of content happiness that makes you want to hum or dance. Wow. Feeling a tad tired now that snack time is here, but not crashing and mood is still wonderfully content.

Joint pain went away at some point today. Joints articulating almost 100% normal.

4:00 Was feeling so sleepy, but mood still good. Managed to wash dishes through the sleepiness. Took a little nibble of honey and a sip of chicken broth. That seemed to help, things are balancing out again. I'm still a little tired, but very motivated and in great mood. I've gotten a lot done today!

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