Saturday, April 12, 2008

7/17/06 food log notes

July 17, 2006 food log notes

Kids are awake at 7:30 after picking up Thom from work. Looks like we are staying up. I'm tired, but at least this morning I should be. We didn't go to bed until after midnight.

Goat cheese last night seems to be received well.

Hip pain normal. Tried some raw sauerkraut with enzymes along with breakfast this morning.

2:03 decent day. Tired from lack of sleep, but no fatigue crashing. Patience good. Motivation fairly good. Hip pain very minimal today.

Energy very good after snack. Banana is okay I guess. Got loads of work done.

7:00 Dinner was delicious! The butternut squash tasted just like a sweet potato. I felt very full after eating, but not sluggish or tired. Rather energized. Mood excellent! Motivation and patience still great. It has been a great day overall.

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