Sunday, April 13, 2008

8/15/06 food log notes

EDIT as I compile these for the new blog: Oh, how painful it is to read through these as I post them! Here I am again eating too advanced foods too soon. Beans, store bought lara bars with nuts, geez. No wonder my stomach was in such upset!

August 15, 2006 food log notes

mod-min joint pain upon awaking. green poop continues. sore from cleaning like crazy yesterday. tired because I didn't sleep well last night. got a new topper for the bed, oh so comfy, but slept away from r (who was in his own bed) and for some reason he woke up 3 times last night.

10:00 wow, excellent mood and motivation today. maybe getting up early is better on the hormones? perhaps also eating breakfast by 7-9 is better on the body than sleeping late and not eating until 10:30 or so. Gonna try and make a better effort and getting to bed before 11pm and getting up around 7-8. Think that will help the healing process along. Schwarzbein was right about that. It is grocery day again and I'm faced with the daunting process of deciding what the hell to eat this week along with trying to keep the bill somewhere near what we can afford.

1:00 really grouchy with kids today, yet overall my mood is decent. energy and motivation good, although a little tired from lack of sleep last night.

3:00 patience with kids has rebounded and I'm feeling more calm and controlled. mood and motivation still good.

3:20 got a pretty sig flare from trying a few bites of jennifer's beet stuff. beets are fine for me, so I wonder how they were prepared. need to remember to ask her.

5:00 AH HA! the beets were cooked in white vinegar. this totally confirms my past experiences with vinegar. which sucks cause vinegar is yummy and is needed to cook a lot of yummy things.

11:00 stomach ended up with a weird pain, really high on the right side up by ribs. bothers me the most when I sit down. think it started after dinner. could have been the beets or possibly the navy beans for dinner, or unrelated. we'll see. mood and motivation continued good, although a little sluggish through the afternoon. decent trip to the grocery store but kids did wear on me a bit, they were sleepy and grumpy, never a good time when that is the case.

11:16 starting to feel sick to my stomach. something I ate was not well received that is for sure. could have been the lara bar I had after the grocery store, trying to remember if I felt this before the store or not. uggghhh

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