Wednesday, April 9, 2008

10/12/05 I'm still alive

EDIT as I compile these for the new blog: More LJ ramblings about my weight gain and aches and pains. There weren't many LJ posts for quite a while before and after this because we had a house fire in July 2005 that resulted in us moving into temporary housing with no internet connection and at the same time I was busy taking college courses to finish my degree. Over the winter, after my degree was completed, my health worsened and I became more and more socially withdrawn. I basically stopped posting anything at all for quite some time.

October 12, 2005 I'm still alive

Wow, yes this is actually a post. We still don't have an internet connection so I only get a chance to get online when I'm at school or at someone's house.

House rehab is all done. For sale sign in the yard. Realtor says we missed "summer pricing" by like 2 weeks, so we had to list at $124,900 for "winter pricing." Keeping my fingers crossed that we can sell fast. It is weird to see my pretty house all painted neutral white and empty with a brand new kitchen.

School is going well, but crazy. Too little time between moving, fixing up the house to sell, etc etc. I might actually end up with a "B" in my humanities class (oh horror of horrors! LOL). I'll be graduating in November. Need to get my application and stuff finished for Antioch.

I can't wait until things get back to some kind of normalcy. Need to get going on kindergarten stuff for W. Need to get her into a dance class. Need to get back to cooking the really good meals and not just the okay and fast ones as of late. I'm just itching to spend more time in the kitchen again, I miss it.

Need to get rid of these stupid 30 lbs that have developed. This is crazy. I have never had a problem with gaining weight like this before. I've hovered around same weight for the last 8 years, even after two pregnancies! And then suddenly I just started to gain weight. It was like overnight I just wasn't me anymore. I feel like someone stole my real body. I have all these constant aches and pains. I don't look healthy at all. I just look like a skinny girl that got fat. The fat sticks out in odd ways, it just isn't right. I'm not curvy and cute, I'm bumpy and jiggly. You can tell this isn't a healthy weight for me. Where the hell did I go and what do I do to get me back?

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