Saturday, April 12, 2008

August 5, 2006 photo journal

August 5, 2006
Weight: 164
Jean size: 14

Schwarzbein 5 months
100% lactose, starch, grain, and refined sugar free (SCD) 2 months (except for a slight veering off for a few days to try sweet potato and some other starchier veggies. boy was that a mistake, LOL)
dairy free 1 month

While I never wear much make-up, I have to point out specifically in this picture that I am NOT wearing foundation--just my usual "dressed up" mascara and lipstick. It is amazing to me how much healthier my complexion has become over the past few months. The red blotchiness and adult acne is clearing. I've always had problem skin and just thought it was part of me, but even this is improving with my nutrition.

All dressed up for a party and actually full of energy and ready to hang out with my friends, after spending a wonderful afternoon alone with hubby. :-)

update to add: and no, I don't drink alcohol anymore, gave that up too in favor of optimum health. I don't want to undo all my healing with the damaging effects of alcohol, not to mention that beer contains gluten and wine contains sugar. I drank water all night, even did a shot of water. :-) Everyone was very understanding and supportive of my decision. I love my friends!

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