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March 2006 photo journal

March 2006
Weight: 182.
Jean size: 18.

My first step towards better health was discovering the Schwarzbein Principle. A plan for healing metabolism written by Dr. Diana Schwarzbein. Basic concept is to help balance the endocrine system through nutrition; you eat healthy, unprocessed, and balanced meals. This helped me to learn exactly what my protein and carb needs were and what a balanced meal was. I started following her advice very strictly towards the end of March and I switched from coffee to no more than two cups of green tea a day. I was already eating whole, unprocessed foods, but balancing fats, carbs, and protein and eating 5-6 times a day was something I was not doing prior to this.

I had no appetite prior to this. I would go half of the day with no desire or energy to make myself food, then I would get so low on energy and suddenly need food, then I would eat a big meal. When I started Schwarzbein's plan, I had to literally force myself to eat breakfast and to snack regularly throughout the day.

Her books also helped me to learn that my adrenal glands were severely burned out from all my sugar, caffeine, etc useage while I tried to cope with the thyroid symptoms. Schwarzbein's balanced nutrition lifestyle made a big difference in my energy levels and mood but I still felt like I was missing a piece of the puzzle. Her books luckily also gave me the first glimmer that gluten may be problematic for some people. I began to experiment with removing gluten from the diet to see if I was sensitive to it or not.

Spring was defrosting me from my hibernation. My aches and pains were also returning to a dull ache.

Originally posted July 10, 2006

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