Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Healing Summary

EDIT as I compile these for the new blog: I am unsure when I wrote this. It was the header on my photo journal, but I didn't date it when I added it. I think it was sometime around mid 2007.

The healing process was like peeling an onion, I discovered layer upon layer of issues that were contributing to our health struggles. With each discovery/layer came another level of healing. I now understand many of the underlying factors and how to untangle them and heal the body. Bottom line is major digestive issues due to lack of beneficial bacteria in the gut and overgrowth of opportunistic, pathogenic bacteria, yeasts, etc along with improper calcium management, and zinc/copper balance awry: which led to all kinds of mucked up chemical/hormonal pathways throughout the body. It took nearly two years, but I have reversed my illnesses! I have lost nearly 80 lbs and have stabilized at a healthy weight. I have my brain back; I can focus, think clearly, follow conversations, etc. I am part of the world around me again. Capable and confident. I can walk without limping and without pain. I can dance again! I am content. I feel a peace and a happiness that I've never felt before. I have energy, both mental and physical energy. Life's tasks are no longer daunting to me. I am enjoying my life. I haven't reached the goal line of complete health yet, but I'm close enough that life is mine to live again. My son's journey started a little later than mine (as I came to terms with his behavioral issues and his chronic diarrhea and began treating him almost a year after my own journey started) and he still has quite a path to follow, but he has come a long way already. Healing IS possible. Autoimmunity, CFS and fibro, mental health disorders, autism spectrum disorders, etc are no longer a life curse. There are many others just like me, with kids just like mine, and we are finding healing. There are so many others out there like us that haven't found healing yet, but word is spreading. And we are telling anyone who will listen. In the next 50 years or so I believe that the whole of mainstream medicine will finally catch on to all of this. But in the meantime, us "Dr. Mom's" (backed by a handful of enlightened doctors, many who have ASD kids of their own) are pushing the movement. It is time to heal ourselves, our kids, and our future!

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