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2/22/05 My nutritional rant

EDIT as I compile these for this new blog: Hmm, I only had half a clue of just how important nutrition would truly turn out to be in my own health struggles.

February 22, 2005 My nutritional rant....

I heard some spot today on the radio, talking about how more and more couples are infertile these days. Something like 1 in 5. The next spot was talking about cancer and how the rates are on the rise. They were talking about all these medical advances and searches for new drugs. All I could think was, WAKE UP AMERICA! IT'S OUR FUCKING DIET! WE ARE EXTERMINATING OURSELVES! Okay, sorry about the language, LOL. But it really infuriates me how the health of our nation (and practically the entire "modern" world) is total crap. That we spend so much money on treating diseases, handing out prescription drugs like candy, and chasing cures, when the real answers may be found simply in prevention and nutrition. And we need to pay attention t the nutrient content of our food, the soil it was grown in, the manner in which it was grown, what the meat we eat eats itself (ie grass provides the necessary nutrients). What we need are natural whole foods including grassfed meats, animal fats, eggs from grassfed chickens, wild fish, broths, fermented foods, raw whole fat dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and legumes (properly prepared by sprouting or soaking), and pure water. (Natural sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, and rapadura are a better choice than refined sugars when something sweet is desired). The lack of the above, and the fact that they are displaced by processed food, low-fat diets, white sugar, ultrapasteurized and homogenized dairy products, unfermented soy foods, and hydrogenated oils are what's robbing us of vibrant health and plaguing many with chronic disease.

It makes logical sense that if we don't feed our bodies the basic building blocks it needs, that things are going to start going wrong. And that if we don't continue to give it the basic building blocks it needs, it can't restore balance and health when something does go wrong. We are basically making inferior versions of humans, made from scrap parts of whatever nutrition Creation could scavenge from our horrible diets. And we just keep making bad copy after bad copy. We aren't suppose to have crooked teeth, weak spines, cancer, heart disease, infertility......These are all on the rise because of our diet, because of our over-processed, nutrient lacking diet. It is time to wake up and break the cycle. If we don't start paying attention to the depletion of nutrients in our soil, in our food, in our bodies, humanity is in for a horrible demise.

Okay rant over........ If you want more info on nutrition go to Weston A. Price.

Oh, and I should mention. This rant isn't meant to be directed at you, my friends as any kind of personal attack on your own diets. It is directed at all of humanity, myself definitely included.

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