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2/15/05 Back to cooking

EDIT as I compile these for this new blog: More musings from my Live Journal as I tried to cope with the weight that was piling on. Here the real cooking I'm referring to is following the principles of the Weston A. Price foundation. Eating whole/real foods, real fats, etc. We were still eating plenty of grains and starches at this point as sprouted grains, soaked rice, polenta and homemade corn tortillas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. We were also still consuming a lot of lactose from raw milk, cheeses, and store bought yogurt.

February 15, 2005 Back to cooking

So we decided to end our recent "food substitute" run and get back to full time real cooking again. We've been so busy getting this damn house ready to sell that it seems like everything else has just been falling along the wayside. Well, not anymore. But man, my feet hurt. Funny how a few months of occasionally fast fooding and easy meals can make you forget just how much work and planning cooking this way is. Lot of prep time needed and there were many staples that we were out of. Yesterday and today I made chicken stock, whey, cream cheese, mayo, crispy almonds, and rice. Yeah! So now we have healthy stores of healthy stuff again needed to make all these healthy meals. Tomorrow I'll be using the chicken left over from making stock to make chicken salad, using, of course, the homemade mayo and the crispy almonds (hope they are dry in time). Yummy!

I used yogurt instead of raw milk to make my whey and cream cheese and it turned out really really good. Usually I can't stomach the cream cheese left over from making whey, but hey, this batch was tasty! I'll be saving it to use on our sprouted wheat bagels. Double yummy!

It must be the spring in the air, but I'm excited about food and about being in the kitchen again. Now if only the laundry would wash itself while I cook. LOL

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