Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 2005 photo journal

April 2005
Weight: unknown.
Jean size: 14.

Many of the pictures from here on out are from a LARP, live action role playing game, that my husband is a business partner in. These are the only pics of myself that I can find for several time periods.

My fatigue, energy levels, and achy joints were getting so bad at this point that I had to change the type of character I played in the game. I couldn't do the trails anymore and had to create a more sedentary character.

I also was having increasing difficulties with anxiety and with mood swings.

The size 14 jeans that I had to go out and buy were already becoming so tight I could barely squeeze into them.

The coming of spring and the warm weather helped lift my depression some.

Originally posted July 10, 2006

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