Wednesday, April 9, 2008

3/14/05 Yikes

EDIT as I compile these for this new blog: More musing from my Live Journal as I made deeper inquiries into my mental issues.

March 14, 2005 Yikes

Found one of those stupid online quizzes for clinical depression and took it. Severly depressed is a score of 54 and up. I scored a 64 yikes. I know it's just a stupid online quiz, but damn..... Even my recent weight gain could be a symptom of my depression.

Results of your Goldberg Depression Questionnaire
You scored a total of 64.
You appear to be suffering from severe depressive symptoms commonly associated with serious depressive disorders, such as major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder or dysthymia. These symptoms appear to be causing you some serious impairment and distress in your normal, everyday functioning.

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