Wednesday, April 9, 2008

May 2005 photo journal

May 2005
Weight: unknown.
Jean size: 16.

At this point, this is the heaviest I had ever been, not related to a pregnancy. Trips to the thrift store would continue over the following months, as I needed to buy larger and larger clothes. Even my shirts stopped fitting because of my ever growing gut. I had made only positive changes in my eating habits (eating whole, unprocessed foods) and yet the weight was piling on. Despite my healthy diet, I still had a Pepsi or fast food meal from time to time. In desparation I tried cutting out the Pepsi, but my fatigue was so bad that I was exhausted and grumpy all the time. I switched to coffee and reduced the fast food consumption even further. The only sugar/sweetener that I consumed was occasionally honey or maple syrup. Over the past year I had gradually eliminated all sources whatsoever of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc.

(That is my awesome hubby in the pic with me).

Another shot from May 2005, you can really see the bags under my eyes and the puffiness in this shot. I was living on caffeine at this point.

Originally posted July 10, 2006

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