Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nov 2004 photo journal

November 2004
Starting to gain weight.
Weight: unknown.
Jean size: 10-12.

In the summer of 2004, we had made a radical change to our diet. We cut out processed foods in favor of whole foods following the guidelines of the Nourishing Traditions cookbook and the Weston A. Price foundation. This included switching to sprouted whole grain breads and raw milk. (Whole grain breads contain even higher levels of gluten than I had been consuming prior to this. I had also never been a milk drinker before switching to raw milk, so I was getting a bunch of lactose for the first time. This could be what triggered my health to worsen so rapidly. My digestion was already weakened by years of unhealthy foods and could no longer properly digest gluten or dairy).

In September of 2004, I also experienced a very personal traumatic event as I came to terms with some escalating mental issues that I'd been having. Probably one of the deepest felt emotional reactions I've ever had in my life. This could have also triggered the autoimmunity.

Looking back at this, I realized that the two previous summers before my health decline, I also was on cortico-steroids (for severe poison ivy inflammation) which would have stripped my guts of any healthy bacteria and put me at even greater risk of developing food sensitivities and the like.

Posted originally on July 10, 2006

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